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Monika Jansson 
Fittja Älvlösa 15

749 62 Örsundsbro  


I got my first dog in 1972, a so pretty Shetland Sheepdog bitch. I was faithful to my shelties for 20 years. I had some litters and one dog was sold to Finland and gained her Show Champion title, but otherwise I was not so successful in shows with the shelties. But they had all very good temperament, and I competed some of them at obedience. My goal has always been to breed dogs with good temperament and good working skills.

By a lucky chance I met the adorable and very special dog called Norsk Lundehund/Norwegian Puffin Dog. And the fantastic journey with thirteen (13) home bred Show Champions and five (5) home bred CC vinners. Eleven (11) Group placings at champion ship shows. That puffin dogs with the prefix Mountjoy where Best of Breed ten (10) years in a row at the biggest international championship show in Sweden 1991-2000, makes me humble. The Puffin Dogs will always be near my heart. But I am going to make a break in breeding this lovely and so very special dogs.

My goal is to breed Dual Purpose springer spaniels.

I participate with my dogs at Funktionsbeskrivning, Grundprov, Field trial, Water trials, MH, Tracking trials, Obedience trials, and some Dog Shows.

I am very active in club work. It first began with the Swedish Shetland Sheepdog Club, I worked tireless in the local sheltieclub for many years, and I also was the editor for the sheltieclubs members magazine. Then it was work for the Puffin Dog Club I was secretary, editor, and had other jobs.

Now I am an member in the Swedish Springer Spaniel Club board. And I am also an member of the local springer spaniel club board.

English Springer Spaniel take more and more of my time, and I love it! My first springer I had in 1980, but I had already met the breed some years before. It was the magnificent dog Americano of Finnline that opened my eyes for this wonderful breed. After that twelve (12) wonderful springers has made my lucky. They have also been my companions in the field an the obedience ring.

I find it very rewarding to train and compete my springers at field trials, obedience, tracking and other trials and tests.

My biggest supporter is my fantastic husband Peter. He likes the dogs but he is really a cat person more than a dog lover. But when he met Märta, a puffin dog he changed and a lifelong love to puffin dogs started. Märta is long gone, now it is Xonja that is his dog companion, there Peter is, there is Xonja.